Fork positioners 6-25/26G ISO 2-3

Fork positioners 6-25/26G ISO 2-3

Providing pre-material and forwarding semi-finished products mainly on Euro-Pallets. Special units with sensors to be applied on AGV.
Fork clamps KB-H/3-01G ISO 2-3

Fork clamps KB-H/3-01G ISO 2-3

To transport skeleton containers, racks, stillages etc. with pockets that require clamping. To transport non-palletised goods.
Wide-opening fork positioners 6-01

Wide-opening fork positioners 6-01

To be applied on reach trucks for narrow aisle handling. To be used on counterbalance trucks for raw material, pumps, cases etc...
Lift tables

Lift tables

To stage material at work stations.

Carton and appliance

Damage Prevention

Carton and appliance clamps

Carton and appliance clamps

Carton Clamps are designed for palletless load handling and are recommended in locations where large amounts of products are packed in carton boxes. The Bolzoni Auramo carton clamps are extensively used for the handling of “white goods”, in both factories,warehouses and forwarding companies such as washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions and for the handling of other types of materials packed in cardboard boxes.
Thanks to the palletless handling, the carton clamp allows the optimization of warehouse storage space and reduction of the costs for packaging materials. Home appliance and carton clamps can have several pad versions, to fit different handling application, such as single oscillating pads on both arms, both arms rigid. Available also as 360° rotating version.

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Dedicated clamps to fit single application needs

KS-C: Single or double oscillating pad
Version with Single or double oscillating arms for big load configurations (until 30 washing machines at the same time).

KS-C with Force Balance: Single oscillating pad
Version with FORCE BALANCE single oscillation granting perfect clamping force equalization for very high level of handling differentiation.

KS-CF: Both arms rigid/ No oscillation
Version with rigid arms for single and/ or limited picking (small number of units) configurations, this type of clamp is used very often also in the isolating material and styrofoam handling industry.

3-24: Front tilting version
Version with tilting arms to fully exploit the container height, typical of the refrigerators industry.

Damage Prevention Systems

Damage Prevention Systems

The most advanced technology in laser sensors for damage prevention and clamping force control
In the white goods industry the handling problems caused by the use of incorrect clamping force can create serious risks of products damaging: insufficient pressure results in the product being dropped, while too much pressure can crush or damage the package and its content.
Bolzoni Auramo integrates standard technical features of the KS-C model carton clamp with the most advanced technology in hydraulics, electronics and laser sensors for clamping force controlling.

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Clamping force control with Easy-MOVE Laser Sensors System
This new intelligent system is an electronic control of the clamping force, driven by the number and dimensions of the unit loads which have to be handled. The laser sensors and the electronic micro-control allow the system to detect the load and input the correct clamping pressure through a proportional pressure relief valve.
The micro-control can be managed by a Bolzoni Auramo configuration tablet. Through an easy procedure (touchscreen based) the operator can adjust the handling load parameters, recalibrate the sensors if necessary, associate the opening ranges to the required pressure levels. It is also possible to recalibrate the pressure levels in case of introduction of new loading schemes and finally to switch to single pressure manual mode.
Bolzoni Auramo Easy-move system is providing outstanding benefits to all the operators of the logistic chain in white goods (end users, 3PLs, forklift truck providers):

  • Completely automatic system with no responsibility left to truck drivers for wrong pressure choice; the truck drivers are not even allowed to interfere with clamp parameters that are factory set and – only if necessary – modified by forklift trucks provider and/or end user’s logistic experts.
  • The clamp can be used as a conventional clamp with no need of further training for truck drivers or additional truck driving operations.
  • User friendly set up interface thanks to easy software graphics and possibility to use Bolzoni set up tablet: it is easy to load new configuration schemes.
  • Very low TCO (total cost of ownership) due to complete clamp and laser sensors protection: the sensors are located behind the load encapsulated in the chassis design and they are never touched or hit by the load.
  • Very easy electrical connection to truck ports thanks to spiral cable included in the package.
  • In case of any type of clamp emergency the software allows easy switch to manual mode avoiding all possible stops in handling procedures.

  1. Laser detector
    Laser sensor for upper row to detect presente of boxes in te upper part of the pads.
  2. Accumulator
    Stabilizes the clamping pressure avoiding unwanted peaks of pressure, potentially dangerous for the load.
  3. Proportional valve
    Commands the hydraulic pressure in the clamping cylinders.
  4. Depth load engagement sensors
    Detect type and configuration of the load in depth/height and the distance from the clamp body.
  5. Opening laser sensor
    Detect the opening of the clamp and position of the arm.
  6. Set up Tablet
    Controls the parameters of the pressure configuration based on opening ranges.