Innovative Third Party Logistics Solutions

A wide choice of pallet handler models, capacities, widths and fork openings is supplied to satisfy the requirements of all industries, in particular, soft drink industries, breweries, mineral water bottling plants, food industries, brick industries.

Application – diesel engines
Application – diesel engines
  • Handling of large diesel engines on pallets with a total weight up to 1.200 kg
  • Bolt-on forks up to 1.600 mm being applied
  • Two shift operation
  • Mostly warehouse/indoor environment

Attachments and forklift trucks in operation
12 fork positioners 6-2504A-Z (capacity 2.500 kg /500 mm) on electric lift truck

Application – hardware handling
Application – hardware handling
  • Dedicated Handling- and Loading applications in different logistic areas
  • Mainly palletised goods
  • Multi-shift operation
  • 3PL for hardware stores

Attachments and forklift trucks in operation
21 Fork Positioners 6-2604A (Capacity 2,500 kg /500 mm) and 6-2610A (Capacity 5,000 kg /600 mm) on electric lift trucks.

Application – airport hub
Application – airport hub
  • Handling of air freight on pallets or specialised containers
  • All weather both in- and outdoor application, 4 shifts 365 days per year

Attachments and lift trucks in operation
140 Fork Positioners type 6-2504G, capacity 2.500 kg / 500 mm.

Application – white goods
Application – white goods
  • Handling of washing machines/refrigerators
  • No pallets, max weight 800 kg, various packaging dimensions and load schemes
  • All-year inside operation
  • 2 shifts operation, 3,000 working hours p.a.
  • Clean environment

Attachments in operation
6 pcs. MEYER intelligent Carton Clamps 3-0310G with Easy Move on electric lift trucks.