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BOLZONI AURAMO launches the Force-Balance Pad

BOLZONI AURAMO launches the Force-Balance Pad

The all new Bolzoni Auramo Force-Balance pad enables to reach the perfect carton clamp panel protrusion, to match your load handling application.

White goods are one of the most demanding cargo commodities requiring specialized lift truck attachments. Washing machines, refrigerators, LCD displays and ovens are prone to handling damage. These are difficut to handle and have a considerable unit value.
Furthermore, the trasnport chain of white products is often very long and it is essential to use well-chosen, well-maintained dedicated equipments to handle them.

The Bolzoni Auramo home apppliance and carton clamp represents a state-of-the-art equipment for all white goods manufacturers, logistic operators and 3PLs who want to grand a totally damage free handling with forklift trucks of all items packaged in cardboard boxes.

Besides the well designed carton clamp built-in damage reduction properties, Bolzoni Auramo introduces in the market the Force-Balance Pad System.

Easy force distribution control

The Force-Balance Pad System allows perfect distribution of the clamping force over the pads’ surface thanks to the user friendly registration of four thread screws that impact on the arm camber. ‘’The system is designed to keep the very thin arm profile, adding the ease of the force distribution control’’, says Vittorio Lucchini, Global White Goods & Appliances Clamp Product Manager. ‘’Besides, it offers the best clamping force equalization, even after a long period of use’’.
Positioned in the 4 corners of the arm carrier the screws can be easily adjusted to make the clamp perfectly suitable for all specific handling configurations. The Force-Balance Pad alining system is internationally patent pending by Bolzoni Auramo.

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