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Faster and more effective operations with BOLZONI fork positioners

Faster and more effective operations with BOLZONI fork positioners

Fork Positioners are becoming more and more important in many industry sectors and are especially recommended for pallet handling and wide load operations, in distribution centers, warehousing, forwarding companies, paper industry, industrial logistic operations and in many more demanding applications. The typical advantages of fork positioners are linked to faster and more effective operations and to a reduced load and pallet damage.

Since on forklift trucks the side shifting function is by now considered as standard commodity, the fork positioning function is the next level to be added.
In fact, the hydraulic fork positioning makes it possible to adjust the fork opening to varying pallet size, without leaving the driver's seat. The sideshifting function improves handling operations, with less fork lift truck maneuvers, reducing the potential damage to pallets. This apparently simple forklift truck attachment significantly increases efficiency and safety.

Great benefits to the operator’s safety
Besides the faster and more effective operations and the reduced load and pallet damage, to fit the forklift truck with a fork positioner gives several great benefits to the operator safety:
• easy fork spread adjustment directly from the lift truck driver seat
• easier handling of pallets with varying dimensions
• increased work safety, avoiding driver injuries caused by manual fork moving.

Wide Range of Loads: Wide Range of Fork Positioners
Forklift attachments manufacturer BOLZONI offers a wide range of fork positioners, with lifting capacities from 1,400 kg to 14,000 kg (3000 Lbs. to 30,000 Lbs.), available in sideshifting and non-sideshifting versions.

Over the past year, the range has been expanded with higher capacity models, and enriched with high-performance double shaft fork positioners equipped with telescopic or scale forks and electric models. Initially designed for AGV applications, the electrically actuated fork positioner model is also available for conventional counterbalanced forklifts.

For more information about Fork Positioner Solutions, get it touch with our Sales Engineers. Find out about our references and implemented solutions in the several industrial sectors, such as Automotive Industry, Logistics and Warehousing, or to organize a demo unit at your facilities.

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