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ISO 4 High Performance Fork Positioner Launch

ISO 4 High Performance Fork Positioner Launch

MEYER now extends the successful Series Generation G with separate (constant) sideshift in the capacity class ISO 4 with capacities up to 14 ton @ 600 mm load center.

In the middle of the eighties Hans H. Meyer GmbH developed the Shaft Guide Concept for forklift truck attachments, which lead to the introduction of the first shaft-guided Fork Positioner. From the beginning to date, solid material precision-machined and hard-chromed shafts, in combination with long-life bushings (encapsulated with shaft wiper seals) provided for excellent smooth movement characteristics with fast operation speed, and equal fork travel. The long-life bushings with their extended life require a minimum of maintenance, which, with its optimised TCO, predestines this fork positioner for full-maintenance and fleet operations. No grease exceeds the encapsulated system, preventing goods or environment contamination. In addition, lowest internal friction minimizes energy consumption, granting a longer truck battery life and resources saving.

Maximum Versatility
With the attachment frame width being independent from the carriage width of the truck, a maximum opening range is provided for various load sizes handling. The fork retainers, with their flexible fork adjustment, can utilize different fork sections for use of standard truck forks. Wider fork hooks, or special fork widths, traverse freely over the outer attachment frame - the full opening range remains available. The heavy-duty fork positioner is also designed to work with extreme long forks. The fork retainers are pre-drilled as standard for easy retrofitting of bolt-on forks.

Extended Product Program - Heavy duty design with separate sideshift for maximum performance in arduous applications
The new generation 6-26xxG is now being extended into the capacity class ISO 4 with capacities ranging from 6 ton up to 14 ton @ 600 mm load center (equal to 8 ton @ 1.100 mm load center) and various chassis widths for all truck sizes.
The new welded frame construction, with reduced weight and lost load, is designed for even the hardest applications; excellent visibility through the attachment ensures safe and easy handling operations. The separate sideshifter provides a constant movement of up to 160 mm per side. The valve in a central and protected frame position ensures precise fork synchronism and the easy installation to the truck hydraulics. The compact frame design with no elements protruding over the upper frame bar is also suited for container handling.
An automatic lubrication system is available as an option, further exceeding the greasing intervals to more than 2.500 operating hours. The sideshift units comes with self-lubricating rollers on the lower side. Any kind of standard and special forks with fork lengths even well above 2.400 mm, hooked on or fitted with extra bolts, can be fitted to the robust and versatile pre-drilled fork carriers.

Industrial Application Sectors
MEYER High Performance Fork Positioners 6-25/26G are being applied for various logistic handling tasks in various industrial sectors with palletized goods such as:
- Logistics/Warehousing/Distribution (often performed by Third Party Logistic Providers)
- Automotive (including both car makers as well as their suppliers)
- Construction Industry / Building Material
- Metal
- Chemical Industry
- Airports

Commonality and Convertibility
Most of the components of the 6-26G ISO 4 are identical to the 6-25G ISO 4 (that comes with an integrated sideshift): frame, cylinders, fork retainers, valve and shafts. This reduces the variety of wear and spare parts and offers identical options such as load backrests, valve and hydraulic protections, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to convert the 6-26G ISO 4 into a 6-25G ISO 4 and vice versa – the type of sideshift can be changed at a later time, giving maximum flexibility to fleet operations, rental fleets and end users with changing demands.

The new MEYER 6-26G ISO 4 is available from beginning of 2021.

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