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SILVER LINE by Bolzoni new enriched range

SILVER LINE by Bolzoni new enriched range

On January 2019 forklift truck attachments and lift tables manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo launches the new enlarged SILVER LINE by Bolzoni product range.
The forklift truck attachment range, first introduced in 2015, has now been expanded to include more parallel clamp models and is now listing: Bale Clamps, Fork Clamps, Multipurpose Clamps, Carton Clamps and Paper Roll Clamps and Lift Tables.

Competitive. High Quality. Prompt Delivery
This range of reliable and cost-effective clamps is suitable for applications in many industries, particularly where lift truck operators require low cost attachments that are user-friendly, without compromising performance. The clamp models include capacities and openings suitable to cover the majority of material handling requirements.

Robustness & Endurance
Together with the robust design for heavy-duty applications and the excellent visibility, granting safe and easy handling operations, the SILVER LINE by Bolzoni clamps offer great benefits to the operator.

Short Lead Time
Most of the SILVER LINE products are available from the Bolzoni warehouses located worldwide.

12 Months Warranty
All SILVER LINE by Bolzoni attachments and lift tables are covered by a 12 months warranty period.

Cost Effectiveness: a new clamp at the price of a used one
The high volume production of dedicated range of capacities and openings and optimized manufacturing processes give considerable manufacturing savings.

Ideal for Rental Fleet
Thanks to the combination of proven and high tensile aluminum profiles, with new reversible and interchangeable with wear resistant plastic inserts, these attachments are designed for full-maintenance and fleet operations, with an optimized TCO (total cost of ownership).

…and more: two Lift Table models
The SILVER LINE by Bolzoni product range is now also enriched by the introduction of two lift table models. Available in full top platform and in ‘’U’’-shaped top platform version, both lift tables are low profile type, for evenly distributed static load.
The main feature of these scissor lift tables is the extremely reduced closed height, no floor pit is required and therefore these offer great flexibility in the assembly line.
Always in full safety standard compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and Safety Requirements for lift tables EN1570/1.

To handle materials in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way is now made possible with Bolzoni Auramo SILVER LINE by Bolzoni fork lift truck attachments and lift tables.
Bolzoni Auramo is supplying the SILVER LINE clamps since 2015. Due to technical performances, affordable price and prompt delivery, the SILVER LINE products are worldwide appreciated.
The SILVER LINE range complements the already extensive range of Bolzoni Auramo attachments suitable for safe, efficient and damage-free handling of all types of loads, allowing forklift operators to extend the application field, the versatility and the performance of their lift trucks.

Visit the dedicated SILVER LINE web site, and find out the technical features to match with your handling application. Don’t forget: most of the SILVER LINE products are available from the Bolzoni warehouses located worldwide.

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