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Partner in AGV applications

Partner in AGV applications

Automation solutions applied to the material handling world are continuously evolving. Automated Guided Vehicles are included in this change and represent the new challenge for forklift truck and attachment manufacturers today.

As strategic choice to support facilities implementing the Industry 4.0 philosophy, AGV solutions integrally fit in this project mainframe and can become a key tool to develop innovative processes.

In strict cooperation with main AGVs producers, Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer have developed a range of attachments equipped with specific sensors controlled and managed directly by the AGV control unit.

The latest technology development in Bolzoni has been to design and manufacture fully electric driven attachments. The possibility to avoid any hydraulic has multiple benefits: cleaner environment, better and more efficient connection with the AGV control system, more precise, reliable and repetitive movement and correct positioning of the different attachment operations. When the AGV needs to position the forks for different pallet sizes, it can use a Bolzoni Auramo electric driven fork positioners, operated by electric actuators, easy to control and more precise in positioning. Same if the need is to rotate a bin. The electric driven rotating device can do the work in a much better, clean and easy way.

So when an important AGV producer had to face the mission for a worldwide tobacco producer to clamp, stack and empty by rotating bins of tobacco, they decided to cooperate with Bolzoni Auramo and to co-design fully electric driven 360-degree rotating box clamps.

Same concept for a logistic operator, using narrow aisle AGVs equipped with electric driven Bolzoni Auramo trilateral head. Beyond the possibility to avoid hydraulic fluid in the handling equipment, the AGV manufacturer has been able to better control the unit, allowing complete 180-degree rotation of the head inside the aisle, great advantage to increase the speed of the operation, therefore the productivity of the warehousing system.

As well, in collaboration with another world leader in AGV and automatic solution provider, Bolzoni Auramo developed fully electric fork positioners for the automotive industry. The units, thanks to electric actuator, are able to precisely position the forks depending on the load to carry. A full set of sensors installed on the attachments help the AGV to exploit the different missions and to fulfil all handling needs in the manufacturing and warehousing processes.

In paper world, specifically in tissue paper production facilities, significant heavy machines and important clamping force, necessary to handle big rolls, steer the technical decision to more traditional hydraulic solutions. A worldwide leader in tissue production and distribution for one of the biggest plant in North America, decided to manage transportation and warehousing of parent rolls (more than 5 tons/11,000 Lbs of weight and 3 meter/118’’ of diameter) with heavy LGVs equipped with Bolzoni Auramo dedicated clamps. The hydraulic system and the sensors set have been co-designed with the LGV manufacturer and specifically adjusted to marry the control system of the automatic machine.

To offer the best tools for improving customer processes, AGV solution providers can rely on the cooperation with Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer.