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Damage-free white goods handling with Bolzoni Auramo Carton Clamp

Damage-free white goods handling with Bolzoni Auramo Carton Clamp

Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo launched the new design of Home Appliance Clamp, Series KS-C.

This carton and appliance clamp represents a state of the art equipment for all white goods manufacturers, logistic operators and 3PLs who want to grant a totally damage free handling of refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and all items packaged in cardboard boxes and/or polystirene.

In facts, to handle home appliances without the right carton clamp can lead to use an incorrect clamping force, that is one of the main reasons causing product and/or packaging damage in the white goods industry.

As a matter of fact, to clamp a carton with the wrong pressure, might turn to have to waste a valuable, but damaged, television, refrigerator or washing machine inside the box.
The carton clamp that Bolzoni Auramo is offering has been designed bearing in mind that the damage prevention is paramount in the white and brown goods handling.

The Bolzoni Auramo Carton Clamp Series has been tested at several appliance manufacturer premises and at logistic forwarders world wide. The carton and appliance clamp Series functionality has proven to be effective and after satisfactory results achieved in white and brown goods handling the logistic chain specialists gave a very positive feedback.

The damage prevention tools – keep control on clamping pressure

White goods are one of the most demanding cargo commodities requiring specialized lift truck attachments. Washing machines, refrigerators, LCD displays are prone to handling damage, and have a considerable unit value. Beside the use of well-chosen, well-maintained equipment, the market is now looking for damage prevention.
In general, product damage in white goods handing can be reduced by concentrating special efforts into a correct handling practices and personnel training.

In the most mature markets, such as North America and West Europe, the logistic chain professionals are now focusing on getting the total control on problems related to white products handling, with the goal to reach a damage-free handling.

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