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Emilio Bolzoni – President of Confindustria Piacenza

Emilio Bolzoni – President of Confindustria Piacenza

Emilio Bolzoni, Chairman of Bolzoni S.p.A., has been appointed President of Confindustria (*) Piacenza. The nomination was made official on June 29 during the annual meeting of the Industrialists of Piacenza.
The program presented by Emilio Bolzoni for his two-years presidency is focused on four main challenges: manufacturing industry, role of young people, Expo 2015, connection to Milan.

Manufacturing Industry «After the crisis marking the last three years and still affecting companies and people» Emilio Bolzoni says: «many sectors can now return to a more aggressive approach».
Bolzoni supports the importance of manufacturing tradition of Piacenza on which he wants to focus with the heavy involvement of young people.
Emilio Bolzoni firmly believes that Piacenza is a good example of the Italian Industrial tradition, of its ability to compete and to assert itself in the world. «Piacenza has to decide whether to defend or deny this tradition» he affirms, as the crisis has taught us that only a strong manufacturing sector can justify and fortify services and finance.

«Younger generation is the key to the development of Piacenza and its province» asserts Bolzoni supplying some figures: youth unemployment is 18% in USA, 19% in the Euro area, 10% in Germany, 25% in Italy.
«My generation – admits Bolzoni – has taken over a part of the income of future generations by living above its possibilities at the expenses of the young, depriving them of their prospects. These facts are very serious. They must be put right». It’s necessary to set up a new social pact based on the interests of young people, involving businesses, politics, unions.

Emilio Bolzoni adds that choosing the manufacturing industry for Piacenza means proposing this option to young people. It is necessary to make them understand how good it is at the end of the day to have produced something tangible, and break the stereotype of the risks connected with manufacturing industry, as most of the companies in the Piacenza area have a level of safety superior to leisure time.

For Bolzoni support for young people also means offering them the opportunity to start their own business, stimulating an entrepreneurial spirit.
«Today we undertake to flank the young by providing training in addition to the education system and information and advice on the bureaucratic aspects as well as available funding».

New Services Bolzoni also underlines the need to improve services, especially those dedicated to infancy. To this end, Confindustria will request new nurseries to be opened in industrial areas and contribute to costs, as well as a new nursery at the Piacenza railway station.

Expo 2015 will be held in Milan. It will be global showcase for Italy and will represent a big opportunity for Piacenza (60 km from Milan), which is able to offer products, nature, culture and lifestyles. Bolzoni confirms that Confindustria will work with the Institutions to make the best of this opportunity.

Connection to Milan Ahead of Expo, the metropolitan network of Milan has been expanded and further developments are scheduled by 2015 with connections to all cities within a 60 km range.
Today Piacenza is excluded from this opportunity but an effective link with Milan would continue the benefits even after Expo, improving the lives of the 12thousand commuters and would open great chances of growth for our city and province. Bolzoni joins those who are already been working on this project.

(*) Confindustria is the leading organization representing the manufacturing and service industries in Italy and it is present both locally and at a national level.