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Lift Tables increase safety, comfort and productivity

Lift Tables increase safety, comfort and productivity

Ergonomics is applied today across the world in all industry sectors, and it is one of the key drivers in the development of innovation processes, new products, services and solutions. In the material-handling world, manual handling of loads may expose operators to efforts, awkward postures and repetitive motions. Improving workplace fit can bring benefits by:

Reducing or preventing injuries or for musculoskeletal disorders
Reducing operators? efforts, by decreasing efforts in lifting, handling, pushing, and pulling materials
Reducing costs by bringing down or eliminating production bottlenecks, error rates, use of medical services, excessive worker turnover and absenteeism
Increasing productivity, product and service quality
Bolzoni Auramo proposes Ergo-Lift, single scissor lift tables for evenly distributed load, designed as a "workstation" to provide improved ergonomic conditions ensuring health, safety and comfort of the operator together with increased productivity and efficiency.
In addition to the technical features of the whole range, this version includes:

Top platform smooth surface.
Max. 20 cycles per hour, one shift a day.
Single acting hydraulic cylinders equipped with rupture valve.
Upper and lower position by mechanical stops.
Self-lubricating bushings on pivot points.
Hydraulic power pack inside the table provided with relief valve against overloading and compensated flow valve for controlled lowering speed.
Electric equipment controlled by electronic system, with transformer and thermal protection.
Bolzoni Auramo offers a wide range of lift tables, with models and capacities suitable for use in production lines, loading of vehicles, part of automated lines and heavy-duty applications. Bolzoni Auramo lift tables comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and Safety requirements for lift tables EN 1570. Thanks to their extreme safety and reliability features, the Bolzoni Auramo lift tables provide an effective solution to most lifting requirements.