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MEYER Multiple Pallet Handlers: speed, safety, reliability for the beverage industry

MEYER Multiple Pallet Handlers: speed, safety, reliability for the beverage industry

Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has a complete range of Multiple Pallet Handlers. With a wide choice of models, capacities, widths and fork openings, these attachments offer the possibility to satisfy the requirements of all industries characterized by heavy handling of palletized loads and, in particular, beverage industry.

The beverage industry is one of the most extensive and dynamic global market sectors, in continuous evolution, offering a wide variety of products every year. Beverage categories include bottled water, juice, syrups, nectars, sparkling and still drinks, milk, coffee and tea, beer, wine and spirits. Furthermore modern trends focus on new categories of energy and sport drinks and healthy and natural wellness drinks.

The increase of production speed and output, the need for efficiency and cost reduction, all this requires that operators are supported in handling operations with suitable attachments offering speed, safety, reliability, low maintenance costs during all phases, from raw material production processes to bottling and packing, from storaging to dispatching.

One of the Bolzoni Auramo multiple pallet handlers perfect for these applications is the 1-2 Pallet Handler model DS.

This attachment allows the handling of more loads in less time, increasing productivity and reducing costs during pallet handling for production conveyors, loading/unloading of vehicles and storage.

Perfect positioning of the pallets thanks to separate sideshift, providing constant sideshift range regardless of the fork opening, simplifying manoeuvring.

Superior visibility through central window and on fork tips allows fast, safe and damage-free handling operations.

Design with optimized number of high quality components and easy and fast replacement of wearing parts provides reduction in service costs. Moreover identical and interchangeable bolt-on forks with specially reinforced heel area ensure longer working lifetime.

The damage-free load handling is assured by the incorporated load backrest and the smooth and perfectly synchronized fork movement avoiding shakes and vibrations is essential during pallet handling of empty bottles.

This 1-2 Pallet Handler model DS offers great flexibility of use and applications and represents an efficient solution to today's most demanding handling needs in the beverage industry.

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