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Bolzoni Auramo & Meyer join forces in Spain

Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer join forces in Spain. The two brands will be united in the new facility of Bolzoni Auramo S.L. recently opened in Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona).

The extensive range of high quality attachments both from the Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer catalogues will be combined providing the best product line for today's market requirements.

"It is important for existing customers to know that they can continue to remain in direct contact with the same team that has proven its reliability and efficiency in the past", says its director Antonio Sanchez. "Both brands have a large number of customers who have remained loyal to the product because of its quality, service and the back-up we provide".

He also adds "The possibility of selling all the Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer attachments is a salesman's dream. Now we have the best and widest range of products that any attachment manufacturer can offer the market and we are leaders in technology and quality in each product line".

The After-Sales Service of the Spanish organization will continue to supply support to both Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer attachments. Antonio Sanchez sees this as an essential and vital role to satisfy all market demands. After-Sales can offer technical assistance both in-house and across the country.

The increased range of products will give better answer to the market demands and additional support for the forklift truck industry.
The sales team offers attachment demos, meetings and attachment technical training addressed to forklift trucks sales team, customers and end-users.
Everyone in the group works closely together to continuously improve the services offered to customers in the Spanish market.

For more information please contact:

C/Segre, 8-10 - P.I. Pla d'en Coll
08110 Montcada i Reixac - Barcelona
Tel.: +34-938-648-633
Fax: +34-938-648-350