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BOLZONI in China

BOLZONI in China

In the new factory situated in Wuxi, a city located 160 km from the port of Shanghai, Bolzoni-Auramo (Wuxi) Forklift Truck Attachment Co., Ltd. works at full speed.
On March 2013 the plant officially started the production of attachments for fork lift trucks.
The new complex has been built on a 45,200 sq.m. area and has an overall production area of 15,000 sq.m. dedicated to the manufacturing of attachments for fork lift trucks and hook-on side shifters.
Bolzoni-Auramo (Wuxi) principally acts as the nerve centre for Asia and Pacific markets but also serves Europe and America for specific needs.

This is the second new Bolzoni Chinese plant after Bolzoni-Huaxin (Hebei) Fork Manufacturing Co., Ltd., opened on May 2012 in Longhua, Hebei, 250 km south west of Beijing.
The Longhua factory has been built on a 45,000 sq.m. area, of which 16,000 are dedicated to the production of a wide range of forks ranging from 1 to 6 ton capacity for hook-on standard ISO class versions up to 15 ton capacity for special application versions. The plant has an initial capacity of 200,000 pieces per year which can be increased to 500,000.
Thanks to the extensive Bolzoni Group sales network, forks are distributed worldwide. The local stock provides forks to China, the majority of Asian markets, Europe and USA.

The plants allow the Bolzoni group to better compete in Asia, a market which is fast becoming the largest in the world, and to be where it needs to close to customers.
The current organisation in China will enable the Bolzoni group to better satisfy the growing market demand for quality products, with excellent delivery times and competitive prices.