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Bolzoni high capacity forks for the heavy-duty industry

Bolzoni high capacity forks for the heavy-duty industry

Every industry faces unique challenges, especially when it comes to lift and store heavy duty and oversized loads.
Boats, huge containers as well as logs, timber and steel bars, all of these products need reliable handling equipment, ensuring safe and efficient operations through the whole material handling process.
To support heavy-duty industries, the Bolzoni Group now enlarge the fork offering, adding high capacity forks to the range of standard and special forks, to fit all forklift trucks and to face every type of though handling requirement.

State-of-the-art forks

The Bolzoni Group is manufacturing for lift trucks, construction and agricultural material handling machines, from standard forks in many different capacities, sections and lengths, to special forks.

These are manufactured in a dedicated state of the art plant, where we applied the most advanced technologies and software in fork designing and manufacturing, in order to offer a product to stand out in terms of quality, reliability, and durability.

The range includes:
Wireless fork scale, lithium ion battery powered, to speed up the weighing process
Camera fitted forks, with side, tip or front camera with laser, to increase visibility on high shelves
Non-standard ISO forks, with a wide range of tips and tapers, to optimize operations for all unique handling needs
High capacity forks, with capacities up to 220 tons, for heavy duty applications.

Bolzoni high capacity forks: the heavier the load the bigger the fork

With a capacity up to 220 tons, the Bolzoni high capacity forks are usually employed for a wide variety of applications such as heavy-duty constructions, lumber yards, in the harbor/railway station handling and in many industries including the mining industry, steel mills and in other fields requiring lifting and handling of heavy and bulky loads.

In order to meet the heavy-duty requirements of these industries, high capacity forks are manufactured with finest steel material offering good welding characteristics and strong resistance to wear, and have reinforced fork heel, bended in a multi-phase press mould to ensure the best performances.

These forks undergo the most severe tests required by the market. For the fatigue and static load performance test we employ a very big testing machine (with max. bearing capacity of 300kN). The fork examinations include also the fork’s hardness inspection and the magnetic particle test, performed on all welding and heels.

The result is that Bolzoni high capacity fork’s technical features meet and even exceed industry standards. These are available in several sections, up to 400 x 200 mm, which cover all the range of forks product. In addition, forks back height, length and hooking system can be customized.

Bolzoni non-standard ISO forks

The Bolzoni Group forks range includes also a variety of non-standard ISO forks such as Pin-type forks, Quick detach forks, Peek-A-Boo forks, Gypsum forks, Folding forks, Brass/Stainless steel coated forks, Bolt-on forks, Full taper and polished forks, Drum handing forks and other special designs.
Fork tip can be customized with reduced thickness for special applications, and with various taper shapes: from standard taper to full top/bottom taper and polish or without taper at all.
All forks are produced following the parameters outlined in ISO 2328 and ISO 2330.

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