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Ognibene Power improves intralogistics efficiency with Bolzoni AGV trilateral heads and E80 Group LGVs

Ognibene Power improves intralogistics efficiency with Bolzoni AGV trilateral heads and E80 Group LGVs

Recently Ognibene Power, a metalworking company, leader in the production, development and design of components for power steering systems, such as hydraulic actuators and steering units in particular, opted for a new solution, allowing to optimize and increase storage capacity, eliminating security issues.

Today, the logistics management of the Reggio Emilia plant in North Italy has been fully automated thanks to E80 Group LGV equipped with Bolzoni attachments. Stefano Cappelletto, Ognibene Power Production Planner Manager, has been involved in the implementation of this project, in which the company believed and worked so much.

Customized solutions for intelligent intralogistics
The Bolzoni Group is active in the development of and cooperates with one of the automation systems leaders: the E80 Group.
Based in Viano, in the Reggio Emilia province, E80 Group is specialized in the development of automated and integrated intralogistics solutions for consumer goods manufacturers and distribution centers, and is active in 14 countries.
The cooperation with E80 Group led to find the customized solution to fit Ognibene Power needs.

The laser-guided vehicle fleet has been equipped with Bolzoni electric-driven trilateral head to operate within narrow aisles.
Loris Rossi, Ognibene Power Logistics and Material Manager, explained that the need to increase storage capacity and the safety level in the plant, led to the warehouse centralization with the implementation of a VNA solution, that guarantees maximum saturation in height and optimization of the occupied area.

Full-electric Bolzoni trilateral head for AGV
The design and components of the all-electric driven Bolzoni trilateral head for AGV provide several key benefits, such as cleaner handling operations. Eliminating the hydraulic circuit, we eliminate the risk of oil leakage contamination.
Moreover, the all-electric actuator system, with integrated encoder, ensures reliable and repetitive movement with very high forks positioning precision, making handling operations 100% safe. Last but not least electric attachments integrate perfectly in long-term projects of plant sustainability, lowering the total costs — with no hydraulic components, maintenance requirements are greatly reduced.

The Bolzoni Group power of long-term partnerships with AGV producers
Thanks to the long cooperation with the main players in AGV sector, Bolzoni Group is able to design and produce customized AGV attachments. The Bolzoni AGV range includes both hydraulic and electric-driven attachments, equipped with full set of sensors, as per customer specifications, or with an agreed pre-setting to accept customer’s own sensors and cabling.

Bolzoni can offer different level of solutions:
- Standard equipment with sensors and cabling pre-sets
- Plug-and-play solutions with complete fitment of sensors and cabling
- Customized solutions in co-design with AGV producer

When maintenance is required, the global service network is available, with well-equipped workshops, large spare parts storage and very skilled Engineers.

Our range covers applications in the industries of paper, tobacco, food and beverage, automotive, home appliances, logistics and many others.

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