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Keep up with beverage industry new trends: here’s how MEYER 3/2/1 Multi Pallet Handler can lead your warehouse operations

Keep up with beverage industry new trends: here’s how MEYER 3/2/1 Multi Pallet Handler can lead your warehouse operations

Summer has just begun and lifestyle and customer preferences are confirming 2023 beverage trends. The shift to healthy, clean and functional drinks matches with the general market leaning towards sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.
Glass bottles, aluminium cans and carton packaging in general create a varied loading scenario, that require dynamic and flexible material handling attachments. Within this pattern, beverage businesses are looking for improved efficiency, to be able to rapidly adapt to market trends.

Developed in close cooperation with the global Beverage Industry, the MEYER 3/2/1 Pallet Handler is designed to meet the challenging demands of the fast ever-evolving warehouse and logistics operations, especially in beverage sector.

The MEYER concept in pallet handling

MEYER, pioneer and leader in the multi pallet handling, is well known in the sector to develop attachments that ensure minimum Total Cost of Ownership with the highest efficiency.
From the standard 1-2 pallet handler to more advanced models suitable to handle up to 8 pallets at a time, the optimum position of visibility windows, secure a high level of productivity.

MEYER 3/2/1 Pallet Handler: fast and efficient operations

The new MEYER 3/2/1 Pallet Handler combines the unique encapsulated Shaft Guide Concept with a torsion resistant Profile System. Next to its robustness, the new design embodies advantages such as cleanliness in operation, fast operating speed with equal fork travel and an optimum of visibility for all applications at all lift heights. The highly synchronized fork movement and fast opening and closing speed ensure for a safe and efficient handling of either 1, 2 or 3 pallets side by side.
With various options and many special designs, such as load backrests, a load extension or an optional design without side shift and many more, we offer the optimum customized solution to meet all demands of the Beverage Industry and pallet logistics.

Robust, with minimal maintenance also in the side shifter

The new 3/2/1 Multi Pallet Handler has been designed in combination with a new and extremely robust side shift. Particularly designed for low maintenance operations, this side shift has the overhead sideshifting cylinder in a protected position and a robust cylinder connection, in order to accommodate lateral forces.
The upper wear slides consist of a highly corrosion resistant material with excellent emergency run properties and a high material thickness for an extended life.

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