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The Bolzoni Group supporting LGV applications for consumer goods logistics

The Bolzoni Group supporting LGV applications for consumer goods logistics

Automation solutions applied to the material handling world are continuously evolving

One of the business more affected by the automation is for sure the consumer goods warehousing and logistics. “The digitization of the supply chain enables companies to address the new requirements of customers, the challenges on the supply side, and the remaining expectations in efficiency improvement. Digitization leads to a Supply Chain 4.0, which becomes faster, more flexible, more efficient” (source

As strategic choice to support facilities implementing the Logistic 4.0 philosophy, AGV solutions integrally fit in this project mainframe and can become a key tool to develop innovative digital processes

Fully connected with the AGV control system

The possibility to avoid any hydraulic has multiple benefits: cleaner environment for food and beverage applications, better and more efficient connection with the AGV control system, more precise, reliable and repetitive movement and correct positioning of the different attachment operations. When the AGV needs to position the forks for different pallet sizes, it can use an electric driven fork positioner, operated by electric actuators, easy to control and more precise in positioning.

For a worldwide leading company in consumer goods production, sales and distribution the Bolzoni Group has developed a dedicated electric operated integral mounting fork positioner in cooperation with an important American Laser Guided Vehicles manufacturer. The electric fork positioner is equipped with sensors able to detect environment information and to communicate with the AGV controlling system in order to grant safe and efficient handling operation.

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