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Efficient pulp bale handling with Auramo clamps

Efficient pulp bale handling with Auramo clamps

Paper plays a very important role in everyday life, also in the digital era. Today especially in packaging industry due to increase in the online shopping, the global demand for paper for packaging is growing steadily.

Forest products, pulp bales and paper rolls in particular, are one of the most demanding cargo commodities requiring specialized lift truck attachments.

The transport chain of forest products is often very long. It can be up to 15 handling stages on its way from Mill and to final customer. This makes it essential to use well-chosen, well-maintained equipment dedicated to forest products handling.

To grant a damage-free handling is often difficult as pulp bales are sensitive to mechanical damage, moisture and contamination; all of them causing problems during following handling and processing. Furthermore, the incorrect handling practices can be caused by the wrong specification of the forklift truck attachment arms or simply by incorrect handling procedures.

In case of pulp bale damages, this would lead to expensive corrective actions and, in the worst cases, it may lead into product claim/rejection.
So, to get the most effective wood pulp handling a specialized equipment is required, since pulp bales, and bale units, vary in size and weight depending on the production process, customer specifications and transport system requirements.

The Auramo BA/BC pulp bale clamp is designed with extremely thin and light design, to ease tight bale stacking and knifing, while the high lifting capacity and the wide choice of different openings and arm lengths enable efficient handling of one to three pulp-bale units.

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