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New Bolzoni R&D center: a future driven by innovation and technology

New Bolzoni R&D center: a future driven by innovation and technology

To meet innovative and high-quality material handling expectations, especially for companies embracing the Industry 4.0 philosophy, Bolzoni has invested in a new Research and Development Center.

Located in Piacenza, Italy, in the group Headquarters, on a 2.000 sqm area, the new site is organized in several departments, labs and test areas, all dedicated to the engineering of new products.

‘’This technical hub brings together all departments devoted to product innovation’’ says Pietro Foroni, Bolzoni group Global Technical Engineering Director. “We are building a team that includes new and young talented engineers, adding new skills to our department, to design the equipment of the future.’’

Team for the attachment of the future

The new R&D center is formed by Engineers having different specializations and skills: from mechanics, electrics to hydraulics and computer science.
‘’Furthermore, we included Engineers specialized in Big Data and IoT, as the market trends show a growing interest and need of cloud-connected products, able to analyze, collect data and mapping material flows.’’ adds Pietro Foroni.

The ‘’Laboratorio’’

The center is equipped with new and modern laboratories, to benchmark and test prototypes.
The Test and Prototype area has been enlarged and is now placed near the new R&D center. The two areas are linked so that Engineers and Technicians have quick access to the attachments in the test areas, to monitor results and to fine tune product design together.

A Network to back you up

Besides this center, the Bolzoni group has a network of Technical Departments, located in Finland, Germany, China and the United States, all cooperating and sharing knowhow.
This network represents a valuable resource for the group, because of the expertise matured in every location: each center has its own specializations, for geographical and cultural reasons, and is able to design equipments dedicated to specific industries.

The attachment of the future

‘'The main challenge behind the design of next generation attachment is to achieve the best performing product with an environment mitigation impact, through, for example, the reduction of energy consumption.’’ says Carlo Fallarini, Bolzoni group Global Marketing Director.

‘’We continue our commitment in providing products able to improve a safer material handling, now embracing new solutions, through the adoption of devices such as cameras, sensors and touch screen control panels.’’ and adds ‘’We are working on a set of automated solutions, to support operational decisions, able to speed up operations in every phase of the logistic cycle, and to finally enhance productivity. And this is what modern companies expect from our products.’’

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