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Bolzoni Push Pulls for cost-saving palletless handling

Bolzoni Push Pulls for cost-saving palletless handling

In logistics, especially in the food and beverage industry, trends show an increased interest in palletless handling, looking for space and cost savings.

The adoption of the slip-sheet is a valuable option to the traditional wooden pallet. Thanks to the extremely reduced thickness (100 slip-sheets are about 1 pallet) it is possible to stove more goods in containers or wagons and in the warehouse.
This transport method is widely adopted in the USA and is now growing in Europe, mainly at export companies shipping their goods overseas.

Products of every kind are being handled on slip-sheets instead of wooden pallets.
Bolzoni Auramo has the solution to all your slip-sheet handling needs. A complete range of Push Pulls engineered and designed for today’s most demanding applications.

Bolzoni Auramo Fork-Mounted Push Pull model Easy Rider

Ideal model for those companies where the handling of goods on slip-sheets is not sufficient to justify the use of a dedicated fork lift truck, the Fork-Mounted Push Pull model Easy Rider is engineered for operations requiring slip-sheets on an intermittent or part time basis.

Bolzoni Auramo Dedicated Push Pull

The Dedicated Push Pull is a carriage mounted model, dedicated to support companies using palletless handling constantly for loading or unloading containers, to ship and store a wide variety of boxed, bagged, unboxed, cylindrical or rolled goods using slip-sheets. The results are lower pallet costs, reduced pallet handling labor and pallet returns, and higher payloads.

The Bolzoni Auramo Push Pull range is completed by the Mark 55 Push Pull, specifically developed to suit the American market needs. It is suitable for handling both slip-sheeted loads and pallets.

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