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From production to recycling: Bolzoni Auramo boosts the paper handling cycle

From production to recycling: Bolzoni Auramo boosts the paper handling cycle

As attention is growing around issues such as sustainability and recycling, the paper industry has always been ahead, playing a pioneer role: paper represents the perfect product to sustain circular economy system and to respond to plastic-free, because of its ability to be recycled again and again.

Forest products, such as pulp bales and waste paper, are some of the most demanding cargo commodities, requiring specialized lift truck attachments, because of their weight, large dimensions and need of dedicated handling procedures.

Thanks to its expertise, Bolzoni Auramo is well known as an excellence in paper handling solutions. Over the years, working closely with the main paper companies, Bolzoni Auramo has improved and consequently expanded its range of dedicated paper handling products, specializing on all paper requirements from paper mills, to port terminals and recycling centers.

Bolzoni Auramo BC-BA series clamps are designed for heavy-duty handling of pulp and waste paper bales, and for use on both forklifts and wheel loaders. The extremely slim and lightweight design offers a high residual capacity. Furthermore, the wide selection of arm openings and lengths allow efficient handling of 1-3 units of cellulose bales.

The BA-100P clamp model is designed for effective and safe heavy-duty pulp bale handling. Typical applications are in pulp mills, but it is employed also in warehouses, terminals, stevedoring docks and other loading and unloading operations in the logistic chain.

The Bolzoni Auramo model BA-W is specifically designed for heavy-duty handling of waste paper bales in the paper industry, and it is widely employed in the plastic and recycling materials handling as well.
Waste paper bale handling is generally harsher than any other bale handling operation, and attachments often need increased protection against wear and tear. This clamp has all moving and hydraulic components well protected.

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