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Partner in the damage-free Tissue Paper Handling

Partner in the damage-free Tissue Paper Handling

Bolzoni Auramo designed a dedicated Tissue paper roll clamp, with higher and wider contact pads to reduce surface pressure on the soft paper, and to offer our customers efficient and damage-free Tissue roll handling. The range of well-designed and strong tissue paper roll clamps has capacities starting from 1.500 kg up to 6.000 kg (3,000 to 13,000 lbs.) and with roll diameters up to 2.700 mm (106”) in standard series.

The global Tissue Paper market is constantly evolving and it is expected to significantly grow, also due to emerging Countries demand, in the next years. Especially at this time in history, tissue paper products play an important role in modern life: demand peaks and the need to supply greener products are two of the growth drivers in this sector.
Likewise, the need for safe and damage-free paper products handling is in focus.
To come up with innovative solutions for the forest products handling Bolzoni Auramo has been closely cooperating with the paper industry worldwide, over the last 75 years.

Dedicated Tissue paper roll clamp: AR-RT Series
The AR-RT series clamps are designed and developed to have superior visibility, great rotating speed and to be operator-friendly. Its main features:
- Higher and wider contact pads to reduce surface pressure on the soft paper
- Rotating paper roll clamp for vertical and horizontal roll handling
- Arms and contact pads have smooth rounded surfaces and corners all around to reduce the possibility for the clamp damaging the roll
- Effective and robust 180-degree rack-and-pinion rotation system. Hydraulic cushioning in the vertical end position.
- All hydraulic functions protected with built-in pressure relief valves.
- Flat spot compensation
- Built-in pad and arm protection

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